Tea Tree And Charcoal Organic Soap

Tea Tree And Charcoal Organic Soap

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A clean scented bar with skin softening qualities - Rosemary and eucalyptus complement this classic combination to help balance and purify the senses. Ideal for sensitive, chapped skin.

Each bar of this handcrafted organic soap is unique so may vary a little in shape and colour

Presented in a biodegradable FSC certified paper box, and printed using vegetable ink.

The soap is wrapped in compostable greaseproof paper, perfect for those who wish to reduce their household waste.

Suitable for vegans

Tea Tree essential oil has become one of the most popular ingredients in aromatherapy today, due to its strong antibacterial properties. These properties deeply cleanse the skin and purify pores. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help calm skin and soothe irritation.

Rosemary essential oil comprises potent antibacterial elements, helping to detoxify and balance the skin’s natural oils.

Activated charcoal helps detoxify the skin by drawing out excess oil. The charcoal is sourced form coconut husks. This is an environmentally friendly product, as the husks are a by-product so no trees or coconuts are processed specifically for this ingredient.

Tip: To preserve the life of your organic soap, keep it dry between uses by placing it on a soap dish that allows water to drain away.